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NEWS FLASH: Both of my last 2 cookbooks: New Orleans Best Ethnic Restaurants and The Broussard's Restaurant & Courtyard Cookbook won and were named to TOP 20 LOUISIANA COOKBOOKS BY AMAZON ! What is even more amazing is they are the only recent non-celebrity cookbooks so honored. The other books on the list are either long-time sellers or celebrity chef books. We're doing something right !

Ann Benoit Text + Image Produces High Quality Art Cookbooks for the Commercial Food Industry and Hospitality Destinations.

We are a professional cook book packaging firm. Our clients are Chefs, Restaurateurs, Restaurant Owners, Restaurant Investment Firms, Restaurant Concept Firms, Food Distribution Firms, Retail Grocery Chains, Food Manufacturers and unique Hospitality Destinations.

We recognize that cookbooks are powerful sales tools, generating increased traffic and repeat business. We're not just about pictures and recipes -- we grow your food business and create a secondary income stream for you.

What is our primary business model? With no financial investment on your part, we provide you with an original high quality art cook book that is printer-ready AND a publisher to print and distribute it at his cost.

All of our images are original and shot on site at your location. We own the finest commercial photography equipment available and our images run the gamut, visually showcasing what is unique about your restaurant or hospitality destination:
Mouthwatering Food Photography
Sparkling Interior And Exterior Architecture
Detailed Vignettes
Discerning Fine Art Photography
Energizing Portraits
Successful Home Version Recipes
Wine Recommendations Reinforcing your Menu Sales
Original "Art" photographs of everything that makes you and your restaurant Special.

Just as our camera equipment is the best, all photo editing is also produced on the highest quality equipment commercially available. We individually hand edit and color correct each image to insure the highest possible quality. No lab editing, outside retouchers or "batch" editing is used. Our perfected Images are finalized using the most detailed and sharpest digital formats. Finalized images are placed in the leading commercial printer-ready book format and prepared for the best quality printing available. When the finished book returns from the printer, the client receives copies of all photography used in the book in formats suitable for professional print advertising as well as web advertising and a license to use all photos in its advertising presence. Ann Benoit Text + Image further provides the client with an original custom video book trailer suitable for website use.

Just as all of our photography is original and specific to your book, so is our text. We convert commercial recipes to a tested home recipe version. We engage in original architectural, historical and biographical research about the restaurant or destination and its key leadership. Original head notes relevant to each recipe are created and wine recommendations from your venue grace each recipe. The table of contents, index, acknowledgments, foreword, photo captions, and book jacket are all original and specific to the book.

Each Book Design is unique to the character of the particular hospitality destination, restaurant or Chef and is original to that person or facility and book. No "cookie cutter" or recycled book designs are used. Original spreads are designed using specific elements of your business. Your branding is reinforced in the book design and color choices. Ebook conversion is available.

From an idea to an award winning cookbook - Ann Benoit Text + Image manages every aspect for the discerning Food Professional.

Member of the James Beard Foundation, IACP and ACF.

For I have walked in my integrity...
My foot stands on level ground.

I was honored to receive the following from Sue Ade, cookbook reviewer and food writer for Savannah Now. Sue Ade is a food writer syndicated in 27 daily newspapers and 12 weeklies located throughout the country. She reviewed my cookbook The Broussard's Restaurant and Courtyard Cookbook by Ann Benoit and the Preuss Family published by Pelican Publishing Company, New Orleans, La and available on Amazon. Upon publishing the review, she sent me the following letter:
Dear Ms. Benoit --
... Your book was spectacular, and had the newspaper allowed me more space, I could have written much, much more. From start to finish your book was a joy -- the pictures, the stories, the recipes -- YOUR voice.
Your photos were a gift -- each and every one -- and the way you wrote of the Preusses -- like love letters to a beloved family.
My favorite photograph... is of Authentic Creole Cafe au Lait, on page 189. You nailed the actual picture of the simultaneous pouring of the liquids into the cup (also swirls in the cup, swirls on the china pattern, too) but it also speaks to the teamwork to make it all happen (check out the reflections of the pots -- I see hands, and more -- and I love them all).
I feel the affection (and commitment) you have for your craft, this cookbook and the city in which you live. And, I know how hard you worked to produce a book of this caliber...
-- you surely made my day.
With gratitude,
Sue Ade
Food Columnist

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